Web Design

Welcome to Pentsoft Technologies Ltd UI design agency.More than 4 years, Pentsoft Technologies Ltd is established in B2B and B2C business markets. Pentsoft Technologies Ltd has been creating plenty of UI website design and improve any kind of apps across the world. We come to improve and develop all usefulness and usability apps into maximal and optimal user interface. Our Company has delivered innovative user integrated or UI design involve the high technology to make your business more useful and usable. Our user interface design is usable features, compatible and usable for any kind of mobile devices, Smartphone and computer desktop.

Web Developement

Pentsoft Technologies Ltd PHP5 technology is dedicated PHP5 code environment and complete with web standard integration with full support of JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 development. Our PHP5 technology is described of powerful HTML5 web development support.

Pentsoft Technologies Ltd PHP5 editor provide excellent PHP5 code template and generation tools includes: setter, getter, generation, refactory, instant rename, hints, fixes fast, parameter and smart code. Our benefit are building semantic code highlight, syntactic pop up documentation, code format, fold, exit points, catch code completion, smart parameter, rectangular section.

We use PHP5 support for any continuous integration. It is great software development that involve web control and web server specialize. The specialize web server run in schedule PHP5 unit code and tested on web software. Our test is associated with PHP5 version in controlling information. Our developer can identify any bugs and introduce the web software easily and quickly. Our Company use web template for PHP5 project and set up plugin and tool in integration web server.

Our Company PHP project offer PHP version in developing PHP web that comprise various eb script and mark up web languages. Our PHP editor is dynamic team and integrated with CSS, Javascript and HTML technology. We focus on PHP code and speed our code scanning by providing PHP project property. Pentsoft Technologies Ltd full support iterative web development and test PHP project that follow web classic into web developers.

Mobile Apps Development

Our android app developer is the best place to develop and build your android application. Pentsoft Technologies Ltd is the greatest company for effective and corporate android app developer across the whole world. our Company always know and understand all mobility for any kind of android devices.
Our Company android app development is the best versatility and productivity that help people to product application in minimum duration.
We will help people to build up their business through user friendly social app development. We engage all android app with social media experience.

Nowadays, iPhone app development becomes the greatest market across global mobile technology. Pentsoft Technologies Ltd come to build and develop user friendly iPhone operability and design. Our iPhone app development is engaging highest iPhone app development technology. We come to build complex iPhone application with simple process and great app knowledges. With our experience in iPhone app development, Pentsoft Technologies Ltd provide such following services for ,Pentsoft Technologies Ltd create such of powerful and attractive iPhone game apps in various categories such as: puzzle, card game app, arcade game, war game, design game and strategy game app. Most of our iPhone game app is interesting and attractive mobile game app.
We provide high iPhone video app for perfect entertainment features, attractive graphic images and support with powerful audio.
Pentsoft Technologies Ltd provide wonderful mobile app for travelling that supported with Google maps, GPS system, city guidelines, travel weather, travel currency and itinerary.
Our Company provide a lot of information app based on email, Java Script portal, IM, etc.
We provide powerful iphone app task manager, file manager, iphone call manager, iphone address book, iphone eBook app, iphone language conversion, iphone lifestyle and iphone app for fun.

Digital Marketing

Pentsoft Technologies Ltd social media marketing is effective way to boost and generate your business. It is the most favorite and popular way in business marketing on the internet. You will get a lot of visitors and traffics to your business website without entire negative comments.Our creative social media marketing allow customer to interact with all business audience and learn more about your business until they buy your product and service. Our method is combine between internet marketing goal on social media sites includes: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Digg, MySpace, Flickr and other social media sites. Our Social media marketing is operated in various search engine through search engine optimization or SEO methods, SEM (search engine marketing), VM (viral marketing), and SMO or social media optimization.
Our Company social media marketing play an active distribution of business campaign on social website by viral marketing. We able to create content marketing and distributed well on various social media sites on the internet.